Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Cohen was on his first soccer team this Spring and boy was he excited! Since our "spring" weather decided to wait until May to show up the season was off to a late start, but Cohen was SO ready for it!

His team was for 3-4 year olds....needless to say Cohen is small for his age and the uniform that was supplied was a little large on him! He spent the first day running while holding his shorts on. Although the Jersey was so long he could have taken the shorts off and no one would have known :) We went that night to get some smaller shorts.

This age is hilarious to watch. There are kids wandering off playing with the cones, rolling in the grass, kicking the ball into the wrong goals, I could go on and on. The highlight for us was when Cohen scored his first goal! For the most part Cohen just chased after the other kids, since he could never really see the ball. I guess he finally got tired of it and picked the ball up, took a few steps, put in down, and then proceeded to score his goal. He was so proud, after he ran over and gave Ginger a high five and said "did you see that? It's cause I'm 3 years old" So cute!
Cohen with two of his friends. All the other boys had a few inch's on him, but he still loved every minute of it!

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