Friday, May 20, 2011


This year Ginger's Aunt Debbie invited the boys to spend the day with her and celebrate an early Easter. We started off the day going to an Easter egg hunt. It was great, there were only a handful of kids and tons of eggs that were actually hidden, and not just tossed in a field.


Then we dyed Easter eggs and had a barbecue.
The Easter bunny hides eggs all over the house for the boys to find every Easter. This year Scheyd was the first one to find an egg and he was so excited about it!

Scheyd digging into his Easter basket

Cohen got a slap watch in his, and he loves it. Can you tell?!

That evening went to Grammys to have dinner and color more eggs. Scheyd discovered how to climb the stairs while we were there. He's growing up so fast.

While we were getting everything ready to color eggs, Cameron found Cohen in the front room eating Grampys big chocolate bunny. Silly boy, good thing he didn't get it on that white rug!

Cam showing us his decorating skills

Cohen is so independent, he had to do everything by himself.

We had a great Easter this year, despite Ginger and the boys having colds.

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