Friday, December 31, 2010

First 2 weeks with Ashton

Cam was able to take 2 weeks off work to help with Ashton and get Cohen adjusted to having a baby in the house. It was such a busy couple weeks, we had so many visitors, and several meals brought in to us, and on top of everything else we also started looking for a new house! Yeah I know it was kind of crazy timing to start looking for a new house but we thought it would be smart to take advantage of the time Cam had off. Cohen loved going in house after house to check things out, it was pretty cute, but you can only look at so many houses before you start to get sick of it! So one of the last days that Cam had off we decided to go to the Zoo, it was such a nice day, it felt nice to just be out enjoying it as a family!
Ginger, Cohen, and Ashton (2 weeks old) Cohen loved being at the Zoo, he always gets so excited to see the animals, especially the monkeys!

Ashton Scheyd

I'm a little behind on my posts (considering Ashton is now 4 1/2 months) but better late then never right?! We checked in at the Riverton Hospital at 10:40am on Tuesday August 17, our little Ashton arrived at 2:35pm, only 4 hours later! I consider myself very lucky to have such fast and easy labors, I only had to push twice! I'm also very lucky to have had such a great doctor, thanks to my cousin for referring me to her father-in-law.
Ashton Scheyd, 6lbs 11oz, 19.5in long
Proud mom and dad I love how alert he is in this picture! This is one of the few times he actually took a Bink, thank goodness he is such a happy baby, cause he sure doesn't like it now.
Cohen meeting his new baby brother.
Time to bring him home, he looks so tiny is his car seat!
Cohen and Ashton taking a nap together...precious

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Our family and friends put together a Baby-Q to celebrate our new addition! It was very nice, and we really appreciate everyone and everything they did to help. Since this wasn't the normal "baby shower" there wasn't any games, instead there were several different things to do (mostly for the kids, but that's what really matters...right?)

Cory flying a kite with Taylor, Brenna, and Riley
Here is the awesome pinata that Ginger's Aunt Lottie brought for the kids!
The bounce house with hoops inside, Cohen loved this!
Cam with his brother Craig
Gingers Uncle Kevin and Cousin Ethan. They BBQ all of the hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone in the 100 degree weather. Thanks so much
HOT girls in HOT pink :)
This was not planned, I guess we just think alike!
Danielle, Ginger, and Tiffany
Scott, Greg, and Ryan
Cams friend Parker and his wife Whitney
Cohen and Riley wanted to "cheers" their suckers with Ginger's Aunt Debbie.
Princess Taylor
She is the best at breaking the pinata
Getting ready to open gifts
Cam is really excited to change diapers I guess :)

Ginger's friend Kourtnee and her son Seth
Ginger and her sister-in-law Beth
Ryan reading to Cohen and Riley. Cohen just loves Ryan, he is his absolute favorite person ever, he will pick him over anyone!
Cam and his mama
Ginger and her Grandparents Enid and Gary. I must say, I have the worlds cutest grandparents! We were so happy that they were able to make it.
Cam's sister Chanelle and mom Cindy

Thanks again to everyone that helped put together this party for us, we had a great time!

Playing at the lake

Riley & Cohen
We don't live close to a beach so I guess we will settle for the lake...It's nice that it is only 5 minutes from our house, and we can go through our neighborhood! It takes a few minutes for Cohen to warm up to the sand and decide its OK, he HATES being messy! I love this and hate it at the same time, it's nice that he is always clean and I don't have to worry about him making big messes, but sometimes I wish he would just loosen up and play.

Cowabunga Bay

We spent a lot of the summer at Cowabunga Bay! Cohen loved jumping in and splashing around. He also went down a few slides with dad (since mom couldn' year! ).

Taking a minute to warm up with dad
don't forget your sunscreen :)
swimming sure tires you out
splashing around

Cohen wants to be just like his dad

We love getting "sunburned" ice cream cones, yum!

We decided to squeeze is one last time before the baby arrived, this was 2 days before Ashton was born!

We love swimming and Cowabunga Bay is so much fun! We are getting passes for sure next summer!!

Lagoon-summer 2010

Cohen and Riley
I just love this picture of Cohen and Riley in the car! It was one of their favorite rides, to bad all the other kids loved it too....the line took forever!

We watched the bird show one of the times, and the boys just loved it

Cohen raising his hand to pet the parrot, so cute.
Cam and his dad getting ready to get launched!
This was 2 weeks before Ashton joined our family!
Cory Beth & Riley
Cam's dad, Cohen and Cam

This summer we went to Lagoon a few times, with Cam's brother Cory and his family. With Ginger being pregnant she wasn't able to ride anything, but still had fun watching how much Cohen loved the rides, and it was just nice to get out and walk!