Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*Meet the Jazz*

All of us after waiting in line for Deron Williams autographDeron signing Greg's forehead
(I love that you can see CJ laughing in the background)
Deron actually asked Greg to come back so he could have CJ take a pic with his I Phone of him signing Gregs face.
Deron Williams
CJ Miles
Kyle Korver
Coach Sloan
Andrei Kirilenko
Memo Okur
Fes & Coach Layden
Paul Milsap
Ronnie Brewer
Carlos Boozer
Ronnie Price

Sunday, December 27, 2009

CrAzY Cousin Pictures

'08 Boys
Cohen, Riley, and Donovan
Last pic taken and the kids were so done!
We got all the grand kids together to do a cousin picture and surprise Grammy & Grampy with it for Christmas. It was a great idea and we meant well, but I don't think any of us expected it to be such a nightmare! It was to early for Cohen and he was not having it! We were there for just about 3 HOURS...way to long when you have three 1 year olds! The older kids were great and got awesome sibling pictures. And even though Cohen is crying in almost every picture it's still pretty cute. Not sure if anyone really loves what we ended up with, but I am sure that no one wants to do retakes anytime soon!

Merry Christmas

Cohen's train set
He loves the tunnel
Cohen giving daddy his present
beep beep
LoVeS his basketball hoop
Made It!
Merry Christmas! This year was so much fun, after patiently waiting for Cohen to wake up to do presents I finally woke him up at 10:30! Crazy he never sleeps that late! It was great to see his face light up when he walked down stairs and saw his train set all set up! I think he could have stood there playing with it for hours, but we made him open his other presents :) He also got a basketball hoop which he loves, we are a bit late on getting him one, he probably would have loved to have it last year...he likes to have the net high so he can shoot it! It's really cute to watch, when he makes it he yells "Made it" and when he doesn't he yells "Miss it" just as excited. Cohen loved all his toys but his favorites are definitely his train set and basketball hoop! Later in the afternoon Gingers Aunt & Uncle, cousin, and sister came over to do gifts and then we headed over to Gingers great Aunt's house for a little while. It was good to see everyone, since we only see them a couple times a year. For dinner Ginger made her yummy Alfredo and Cam's sister Michelle her husband Greg and there son Donovan joined us! It was a great day and we were all exhausted by the time it came to an end.

Christmas Eve at Grammy & Grampy's

Family Christmas pj picture
we are only missing Christopher

The Girls
Craig & Greg
Cohen Loved his present!
Thanks Brenna
Cohen drew Taylors name...I think she liked her present
hmmm are any of these for me?!
Santa came!! Cohen is not a fan of him...
Every year Cams parents have Christmas Eve at there house. This year everyone was able to make it for the first time! The only one that was missing was Cam's younger brother Christopher who is on a mission in Chile. It's always a lot of fun. This year after dinner we had a surprise visit from Santa! Most the kids were really excited about this...Cohen was not. After Santa left the kids did there gift exchange, and the adults did a white elephant gift game. Then it was pj time, everyone opened there pj's and put them on for our family picture in front of the tree. We had a great time!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Temple Square

Last week we went Downtown to walk around Temple Square and see all the lights. It was a bit cold so we all bundled up and got some Hot Chocolate to keep warm. We had a great time, and after went and drove down Christmas Street...it really isn't that impressive anymore, but Cohen enjoyed seeing all the lights so it I guess it made it worth it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Big Boy"

So I was going through some things in Cohen's closet and came across a pair of Evans underwear (they had never been worn in case you are wondering). I set them aside not sure where I was going to put them and the next thing I know Cohen walks into his room with them on (well kind of he had both feet in the same hole), and said "mama I did it" He was very excited about it and when I tried to take them off he insisted that he wear them (Big Boy is what he kept saying). I don't think that he is quit ready to be potty trained, but maybe if he keeps wanting to be a "big boy" it will happen sooner then expected.

Choo Choo....

Recently Cohen has started a new fascination with trains. We really aren't sure where it came from because he doesn't even own any and hasn't really watched any movies/tv shows with them....but any how he now gets very excited when he sees them and will be the first to point out when we go over "choo choo tracks" (what he calls them). So when we walked into South Towne Mall the other day and saw the train going around we knew we would probably end up letting him ride.

He stood and watched out the window with his very serious face the whole ride...not the excited reaction most kids would have but he sure didn't want to get off!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

*Our early Christmas present*

~Meet Bentley~

Bentley is an English Bulldog puppy who is now 8 weeks old.
We are so excited to have him join our family!

A small detour...

Sunday morning we left Fresno and headed home. After getting stuck in traffic and having some car problems we decided not to do the drive in one day, and stay the night in Mesquite. When we reached Vegas we decided to find the Ethel M's factory since we had some time, and they are our favorite! We went there thinking we would just get a box of chocolates and then be on our way, but were surprised to see it all decorated with Christmas lights. Cohen was so happy to finally get out of the car and he loved running along the path looking at all the different lights, it was the perfect place to stop!

Chocolate tower
everything is edible!

At the end of the path we saw Santa's chair, so I thought it would be cute to let Cohen go sit in it, since it was late and I assumed that Santa came during the day. While Cohen was playing in the big red chair I heard bells and turned to see Santa walking up! Since we were already there Cohen got to see him with out waiting in line. It worked out perfect! Cohen kept looking at him and pointing saying Ho Ho Ho, and he didn't mind talking to him, but forget sitting on his lap! The closest he would go is in mommy's arms.