Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gardner Village

Brenna, Landon & Cohen

Cohens first time riding a pony!
Today I met two of my sister-in-laws Renee, and Natalie at Gardner Village. It was so fun to walk around with the kids and see the witches and all the pumpkins. We also let the kids ride the ponies which was really cute. Cohen wasn't sure about it at first but once they started walking he warmed up to it. So much fun!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

~Happy 1st Birthday Donovan~

Ginger & Donovan

The UVA Rag Blanket Ginger made for Dono
Today is our youngest nephew Donovan's 1st birthday. What a cutie he is, always smiling! We wish you a happy birthday Dono and send you hugs and kisses.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ayden turns 8!

The kids wanted cake SO bad, they kept sneaking frosting!

COUSINS~we are missing Dono :(
Yummy Cupcake

My fam with the birthday boy

Last night was our nephew Aydens birthday, we had a birthday dinner at The Mayan. It was so much fun. The kids loved watching the divers and just being with each other. Happy 8th birthday Ayden, we love you!

Girls dinner

My "other other half" Ashleys birthday was the 17th. We had a girls dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate last week. Love you Ash, hope you had a great 26th birthday!

Ashley sharing her cupcake bites with Cohen. He loves his Aunt Ashley

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rub a dub dub Cohen's in the tub

These are pictures I took of Cohen playing in the tub on our vacation. He was having so much fun!
He loves to try and wash his own hair

He was splashing EVERYWHERE (notice the water all over the tub) and thought he was hilarious.
All clean

Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago Cohen and I (Ginger) went a road trip with Cameron's dad, mom and youngest sister Chanelle. Our first stop was SF, they had a wedding to attend so Cohen and I hung out at the Hotel and went swimming and walked around town. The next day we went to eat at the Stinking Rose, this place is SO good if you haven't been there I recommend it!
This was a pic of Cohen in the car after we left home. He can't leave without his monkey!

Chanelle and I were packed into this packed car..
The Stinking Rose
Cohen was getting spoiled with monkeys from Grammy
Chanelle and I playing around in some old phone booths we found
Lombard Street


On Sunday and Monday we were in Fresno visiting my "twin" sister-in-law Michelle her husband Greg and their son Donovan. My other sister-in-law Beth her husband Cory, and their son Riley also flew in to visit so were able to have all the '08 cousins together again!

Cohen and aunt Michelle
Cohen LOVES monkeys, but his favorite is the big brown one he is hugging. He has slept with it every night since he was 9 months old.
Lets hold hands!
Cohen and Riley holding hands. They are best friends, we are lucky to live so close to each other.
Brunch with the family
Aunt Chanelle, Cohen, Donovan, and me
We were also there a couple weeks before Dono's first birthday, so we had to celebrate! This is Dono opening his gift from Uncle Cory and Aunt Beth and Cousin Riley
I think he liked it!
These two follow each other around and get into everything!
Grammy wanted a picture with all the '08 boys together...they didn't want one
Saying goodbye to my twin....miss ya

Last stop.....Yosemite

Our last night we drove up to Yosemite, we made it with a little time to walk around and see some of the Sequoia's. It was a little colder then anticipated but it was worth seeing.

Cohen insisted on walking himself unless he was on my shoulders. I love this picture of him on the bridge even if he wouldn't smile for it.
This is the family at Glacier Point
Beth & I with our boys

Chanelle and I at the top!

After we left Yosemite it was a very long 11 hours in the car. Cohen did great, he got a little fussy at times but was never really that bad. We had a great trip, but I'm not going to lie I couldn't wait to get home to Cam, that was the longest we have ever been apart in 8 years! And Cohen sure missed his daddy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sometimes a kiss can make everything better....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We LOVE Kangaroo Zoo

Labor Day we decided to take Cohen to play at Kangaroo Zoo with his Cousin Riley and his mom and dad. At first the boys were very clingy but after watching other kids play they soon got use to it and were off jumping and bouncing around on there own!!

After we wore the kids out playing we ate at PF Changs, one of our favorites! Yum