Monday, September 21, 2009

Last stop.....Yosemite

Our last night we drove up to Yosemite, we made it with a little time to walk around and see some of the Sequoia's. It was a little colder then anticipated but it was worth seeing.

Cohen insisted on walking himself unless he was on my shoulders. I love this picture of him on the bridge even if he wouldn't smile for it.
This is the family at Glacier Point
Beth & I with our boys

Chanelle and I at the top!

After we left Yosemite it was a very long 11 hours in the car. Cohen did great, he got a little fussy at times but was never really that bad. We had a great trip, but I'm not going to lie I couldn't wait to get home to Cam, that was the longest we have ever been apart in 8 years! And Cohen sure missed his daddy!

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