Monday, September 21, 2009


On Sunday and Monday we were in Fresno visiting my "twin" sister-in-law Michelle her husband Greg and their son Donovan. My other sister-in-law Beth her husband Cory, and their son Riley also flew in to visit so were able to have all the '08 cousins together again!

Cohen and aunt Michelle
Cohen LOVES monkeys, but his favorite is the big brown one he is hugging. He has slept with it every night since he was 9 months old.
Lets hold hands!
Cohen and Riley holding hands. They are best friends, we are lucky to live so close to each other.
Brunch with the family
Aunt Chanelle, Cohen, Donovan, and me
We were also there a couple weeks before Dono's first birthday, so we had to celebrate! This is Dono opening his gift from Uncle Cory and Aunt Beth and Cousin Riley
I think he liked it!
These two follow each other around and get into everything!
Grammy wanted a picture with all the '08 boys together...they didn't want one
Saying goodbye to my twin....miss ya

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