Monday, February 23, 2009

February Birthdays!

With just our imidiate family there are 7 people with February birthdays! This year we decided to have a group party for everyone, which turned out great. With Greg, Michelle, and Donovan in town we had everyone! I hope everyone had a good time. Happy Birthday to Brenna (1st), Cory (3rd), Greg (10th), Cohen (11th), Ginger (16th), Taylor (22nd), and Michelle (27th)!! Love you all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cohen turns 1

1 Year
9 Months
6 Months
3 Months

Cohen turned 1 on Feb 11, so I thought I would do a little update on what he has been doing. First of all his most favorite thing to play with are balls! It doesn't matter what kind of ball it is or the size, he just loves to carry them around with him and throw them. He also has learned to say a few words. Again his favorite thing to say is ball, sometimes it seems like he says it a hundred times a day!! He also says da da, ma ma, bye bye, basketball "ba ball", bottle "ba ba", and the most recent thing he has learned to say is Hot dog from watching Disneys Mickey Mouse Club House when they sing the Hot Dog song. He has been walking since he was about 10 1/2 months and has mastered it and is now atempting to run which usually ends up in a face plant into mom, dad, the floor, and sadly to say a couple times into the corner of a wall which left dents in his head and once drew blood :( He most definitley has a mind of his own and is always going going going. This first year has just flown by, and its crazy to say that I have a 1 year old. We are so proud of him and look forward to watching him learn all kinds of new things!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday we celabrated Cohen's first birthday at the Gateway Childrens Museum. We had pizza, cake, and ice know the usual birthday stuff. Cohen couldn't wait to have cake, as soon as the lights went off to sing he stuck his hand right in! So funny!! Then we did presents and boy did he get spoiled, TONS of toys! It was fun to see all our family and friends that came to the party and we missed all of those who weren't able to make it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tuesday we headed out to Orem for my brother in law Corys birthday dinner. When I got Cohen out of the car I noticed that his eyes were red and watery, but didn't think anything of it. As we ate his poor eyes got worse and worse, they became swollen and had lots of eye gubbers. We decided that we better take him in to the doctors on our way home. After waiting a half an hour we were able to be seen, and found out he had an ear infection in both of his ears and an eye infection in both eyes. Poor little guy! But what a trooper, he was only fussy in the doctors office cause mom wouldn't let him down to play.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roller Skating

last night my sister-in-law Beth and I decided it would be fun to take the boys and go roller skating. I haven't been in years, but it was fun to do something different. The boys loved it, they watched all the lights, Cohen danced to the music, while Riley relaxed and enjoyed the ride. We ended up being there for about 3 I guess time does fly when your having fun.