Monday, December 14, 2009

"Big Boy"

So I was going through some things in Cohen's closet and came across a pair of Evans underwear (they had never been worn in case you are wondering). I set them aside not sure where I was going to put them and the next thing I know Cohen walks into his room with them on (well kind of he had both feet in the same hole), and said "mama I did it" He was very excited about it and when I tried to take them off he insisted that he wear them (Big Boy is what he kept saying). I don't think that he is quit ready to be potty trained, but maybe if he keeps wanting to be a "big boy" it will happen sooner then expected.


  1. I swear there is nothing cuter than little boys in their underwear! I hope he keeps wanting to be "big" so that you can potty train him fast. It was so nice to see you:)

  2. How cute! I love how small their cute little bottoms are once they start wearing big boy pants! He is growing up so fast.