Saturday, December 5, 2009

A small detour...

Sunday morning we left Fresno and headed home. After getting stuck in traffic and having some car problems we decided not to do the drive in one day, and stay the night in Mesquite. When we reached Vegas we decided to find the Ethel M's factory since we had some time, and they are our favorite! We went there thinking we would just get a box of chocolates and then be on our way, but were surprised to see it all decorated with Christmas lights. Cohen was so happy to finally get out of the car and he loved running along the path looking at all the different lights, it was the perfect place to stop!

Chocolate tower
everything is edible!

At the end of the path we saw Santa's chair, so I thought it would be cute to let Cohen go sit in it, since it was late and I assumed that Santa came during the day. While Cohen was playing in the big red chair I heard bells and turned to see Santa walking up! Since we were already there Cohen got to see him with out waiting in line. It worked out perfect! Cohen kept looking at him and pointing saying Ho Ho Ho, and he didn't mind talking to him, but forget sitting on his lap! The closest he would go is in mommy's arms.

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  1. No way! That chocolate factory is literally minutes from our home in Henderson. Yep, they decorate the "cactus garden" with Christmas lights every year there.