Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching up!

Wow! Since I have gotten so behind on our blog I decided to do one big post to get caught up. I have over hundred pictures that are post worthy and maybe one day I will be caught up...probably not. But here is a quick attempt.

Mother's day

We spent Mother's day with Cameron's family at there home in Woodland Hills. One of Cameron's brothers Craig and his daughter Taylor were able to as well!

Our boys sure love their Uncle Craig!

Greg Miles, one of cam's closest friends, got married on Cam's birthday so we celebrated it a day later. He is now the big 30!
Cam's youngest brother Christopher returned home from his mission in Chile at the end of May. Cohen loved holding his sign that he helped make to welcome Christopher home. He was so good at the airport, he stood there holding his sign for about 30 minutes before we finally saw him.

He had quit the welcoming committee!

I love this picture of Christopher and Cohen. To this day every time Cohen sees an airplane he says "Uncle Christopher was on one of those." which is kind of funny to me since his Uncle Cory flies airplanes, and he associates them with Christopher instead.

A fun picture of Bridger and Cohen from one of our many pool days.

In June Ginger did the "Dirty Dash" which is 5k through the mud with random obstacles. We had such a good time, she can't wait to do it again next year!

Ginger, Tiffany, Brittany, Harmony, and Michelle

and they thought they were dirty.... ha ha

Ginger and Tiffany tackling each other in the mud.

Ginger wins....with having the most mud I guess...until next year Tiff

We also had a quick visit from the Olson's! Cameron was able to meet his newest nephew Dempsey.

Cohen sure loves his cousin Donovan, they love playing tackle football together.

Ginger has also started nannying these 2 girls every Friday. Haylee is 4 and Chloe is 2, they are so sweet. It's been nice to have these cute little girls around since we only have boys.

We spent the 4th of July at Sugar House Park. Ginger had an awful ,I mean awful ear infection. Seriously one of the most painful things to experience as an adult, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy! Anyway back to the park. It was kind of a last minute thing since we weren't sure if Ginger would feel up to it, but decided that since she wasn't in pain at the moment (just couldn't hear anything) that we would go.

Scheyd is getting so stinkin big! He is so funny, this was suppose to be mommy's Jamba Juice, but he ended up drinking the whole thing.

This is such an awesome picture of Cohen, but he looks so old!

Ryan and his girlfriend Monique also joined us at the park!

We also had Ginger's dad's side of the family, family reunion. They like to make it a simple get together at a park with lots of fun things for the kids. This year they rented a bounce house and a giant slide, a pinata, little children's store, and a candy cannon.

Cameron and Cohen waiting for the candy cannon.

Ever since we heard that there were Dinosaurs at the Zoo we had been dying to take the boys, especially Cohen, he loves to watch Dinosaur Train on PBS. It took us a while to make it up there since Cohen had a mild case of Pneumonia and Ginger was then really sick with an ear infection. But it was well worth the wait. They loved it, even though half way through it started raining on us Scheyd especially loved the rain, he would raise his arms up in the air and start giggling.

Cowabunga Bay! We love this place, and its perfect for young kids to play. On our last visit there one of Ginger's friends from work Ericka and her family joined us. Cohen loved having some friends there to play with.

Scheyd loved standing and trying to walk in the water, but most of all he loved to just sit there and hit the water as hard as he could so it would make a big splash!

Ummm can he be any cuter.

This Kiera holding Scheyd, she loved him and wanted to be his little mommy. So Cute!

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