Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sleep Over

On Wednesday night I received a call from Cam's brother Cory asking if I could come over and watch there son Riley so he could rush his wife into the ER. Of course I said yes, I then grabbed Cohen out of bed put some shoes on and ran over. When Cam was home from playing ball he came over so I could come home and put Cohen to bed. A little while later Cam called saying he couldn't get Riley to go back down so he brought him to our house for the night. The next day we found out that Beth had a cyst on her ovary that had tripled in size over the last 3 weeks, and needed surgery :( poor Beth. So we kept Riley Thursday night as well. The boys played so cute together it was fun to watch them. We pray that Beth can have a fast recovery and can come home to her family soon. We love you Beth.


  1. How fun, but you forgot one of the key members in the '08er club! Poor Bethy... You guys are nice to watch Riley for them so they didn't have to worry about anything else. I hope Beth can fully recover fast those boys look like they are getting into everything.

    Too cute for their own good!

  2. I hope Beth feels better. Cohen and Riley are so cute together! They are getting so big.