Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter morning started off with Easter baskets...big surprise there :) I think Cohen got a bit spoiled this year, with some swimming things, new church outfit, balls, and tons of eggs just to name a few things. It was fun to watch his reaction when he walked in the room and saw it all lay ed out, he just stared and it then went for the balls! He ate a bunch of candy, I actually think he ate more this day then he has his whole life. We stopped on the way to church to see Cams Brother Cory and his family. I love that we live just a block away from each other and are able to go to church together, I'm sure Cohen and Riley will enjoy it more as they get older. It was a nice day and were able to walk there and back. Unfortunately Beth didn't feel well and had to leave early.

That afternoon Gingers Aunt and Uncle (Debbie and Kevin) came over with their son Ethan and Ginger's sister Jenny. We all dyed Easter eggs together, which is always fun. I think Ethan had more fun dying his face then the actual eggs. Cohen even helped by putting on stickers.

Cohen loves to be outside and runs to the door the second it opens and throws quit the little tantrum if he doesn't get to go out. He knows just how to get Debbie to do what he wants and ended up going on a walk with her while everyone else finished dying Easter eggs. I'd say he has her wrapped around his little finger.

After dinner everyone went outside to "roll eggs"... Debbie said she did this when she was young with my dad. If your not sure what this is you aren't the only one, Cam and I were pretty clueless as well. I guess the idea is to crack the hard boiled eggs for when you peel them later. You are suppose to roll them down a steep grass hill. Our hill wasn't quit steep enough so the boys ( Cam, Ethan, and Kevin ) decided to play catch with them instead, it was pretty fun to watch.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I like the egg toss and roll idea. I love seeing what you and your little family are up to.

  2. We want more Cohen! We want more COHEN! We want MORE COHEN!