Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last Tuesday I had put my treadmill down so I could walk on it for awhile, when I remembered that I still needed to take our dog Bentley out. While I was outside Cohen had climbed over the gate to get to the treadmill, pushed the computer chair over to it so he could push the buttons, and somehow turned it on. When I came back into the house I could hear it running and shortly after Cohen started screaming. When I ran into the room Cohen was at the end of the treadmill with his little finger stuck in it. Well it wasn't exactly stuck I think he was just paralyzed there and didn't think to move it. Poor guy. Cam and I took him into instacare where they gave him 2 shots, one on each side of his finger to numb it so they could Xray it to make sure it wasn't broken and then to scrub it clean. I think he cried for a good 2 hours until we were leaving and he finally fell asleep on me. He kept saying "hurts, really hurts", over and over, seriously one of the saddest things to have to do with your 2 year old! We had to go see a plastic surgeon on Friday to see if it would heal OK on its own or if he would need a skin graft. Luckily he thinks it will heal just fine on its own, there is just one spot that is a little deeper that he is concerned about so we will take him back in a week to see how its healing.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8.8 Earthquake in Concepcion, Chile

So last weekend was kind of a scary time for our family. As I'm sure everyone is aware, last Friday night/Saturday morning there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. Early last year my Brother Christopher was called to serve a LDS mission, he was called to the Concepcion, Chile mission, the epicenter of where the quake had hit. I found out about the earthquake when my sister Renee called me shortly after the quake happened to inform me of what was happening in Chile. Calls at 2am are never good. We had no idea if Christopher was okay or not. Just that there was a major quake. Ginger and I stayed up watching TV for news constantly switching between channels trying to get more information. After watching for almost two hours not getting really any info or updates on what was happening, we decided to try and get some rest and try and sleep. I play basketball every Saturday morning so as always my alarm woke me at about 7:30am. I immediately went to see if there were any new updates on the status of the missionaries in Concepcion. No luck. Didn't find really any information other than there had been a major quake. No news about really anything else. I decided to still go to basketball, maybe try to get my mind somewhere else.Frustrated I wasn't able to get any resolution as to the status of my brothers safety. On the way to ball driving up I-15 I got hit really hard with emotion of what was going on. I had a brother in the middle of a major disaster on the other side of the world and had no idea if he was okay, hurt or even alive! I Broke down crying while I was headed down the freeway. From the moment I got the news from my sister to the moment I talked to my Mom just after it happened I told them, "I'm sure Christopher is fine. He's a smart kid." I was telling everyone that he'd be fine but I wasn't so convinced myself. I had no idea whether he'd end up being fine or not. On the way home I finally got word from my Dad that all the missionaries were accounted for and okay. I heard shortly after that not all the missionaries were accounted for just yet. I still had no idea. At about 5:30 pm Saturday it was confirmed that the missionaries were all okay. It was a rough 18 hours not knowing how my little brother was doing. My Mom finally got in contact with him when he called briefly Sunday early morning. Since then I've had a chance to chat with him through facebook and listen to him through Skype. He seems like he's doing okay considering the circumstances. Since the quake, he's been instructed to grow out his facial hair to grow a beard, he's supposed to wear a hat, no badges or anything. They don't want him to look like an American at all. They even are instructing him to have some kind of weapon he can use to protect himself from looters.

As of now he's okay. We pray every night that he will be protected.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cohen & Riley

Today I had my nephew Riley over for a few hours. Cohen and Riley love to be together, and they get along great...most of the time!
This is Cohen showing Riley how to jump on his big boy bed...they loved it They both enjoy music. Riley loves to sing, while Cohen loves to dance, but they both like to make music
You can't have to much fun without getting into mischief... While I was in the bathroom, I came out to find water all over the kitchen floor and both boys soaked and freezing! Not sure who's idea it was, but they were both in there holding the water button on the fridge! I guess it's time to use that lock button!

I love this pic of Riley, his expression says it all
They knew they were in trouble
Checking out how wet he is
Even though there was water EVERYWHERE and all of there clothes were soaked I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera to capture this moment.
We are so lucky to have Cameron's brother Cory and his wife Beth and there son Riley live around the block from us. Cohen and Riley always have so much fun together and are truly best friends!