Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last Tuesday I had put my treadmill down so I could walk on it for awhile, when I remembered that I still needed to take our dog Bentley out. While I was outside Cohen had climbed over the gate to get to the treadmill, pushed the computer chair over to it so he could push the buttons, and somehow turned it on. When I came back into the house I could hear it running and shortly after Cohen started screaming. When I ran into the room Cohen was at the end of the treadmill with his little finger stuck in it. Well it wasn't exactly stuck I think he was just paralyzed there and didn't think to move it. Poor guy. Cam and I took him into instacare where they gave him 2 shots, one on each side of his finger to numb it so they could Xray it to make sure it wasn't broken and then to scrub it clean. I think he cried for a good 2 hours until we were leaving and he finally fell asleep on me. He kept saying "hurts, really hurts", over and over, seriously one of the saddest things to have to do with your 2 year old! We had to go see a plastic surgeon on Friday to see if it would heal OK on its own or if he would need a skin graft. Luckily he thinks it will heal just fine on its own, there is just one spot that is a little deeper that he is concerned about so we will take him back in a week to see how its healing.

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  1. So sad about the finger! Glad you didn't have to do a skin graft.