Monday, March 1, 2010

Cohen & Riley

Today I had my nephew Riley over for a few hours. Cohen and Riley love to be together, and they get along great...most of the time!
This is Cohen showing Riley how to jump on his big boy bed...they loved it They both enjoy music. Riley loves to sing, while Cohen loves to dance, but they both like to make music
You can't have to much fun without getting into mischief... While I was in the bathroom, I came out to find water all over the kitchen floor and both boys soaked and freezing! Not sure who's idea it was, but they were both in there holding the water button on the fridge! I guess it's time to use that lock button!

I love this pic of Riley, his expression says it all
They knew they were in trouble
Checking out how wet he is
Even though there was water EVERYWHERE and all of there clothes were soaked I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera to capture this moment.
We are so lucky to have Cameron's brother Cory and his wife Beth and there son Riley live around the block from us. Cohen and Riley always have so much fun together and are truly best friends!

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