Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Reunion

This year my family reunion was held at Murray Park (every other year we have gone camping with everyone), it was kind of nice to just go and spend the day at the park and not have to worry about packing everything in the car and driving for hours. Cohen was still not feeling 100%, but was a good sport. He hit the pinata for the first time, there was also a candy cannon, and an auction. Cohen playing with his cousin Ethan

Pioneer Day

This year for the 24th there was a lot going on! Unfortunately Cohen came down with a fever the day before and just wasn't acting himself. I decided to try and take him to the parade just to get out of the house for a little while. We met up with Beth and Riley and headed down to the parade. Once we got there and saw how crowded it was we decided to just take the first parking spot we found...after walking about 12 blocks with 2 toddlers, a wagon, diaper bag, cooler and 2 camping chairs we met up with our other sis-in-laws Renee and Natalie. It was nice to watch the kids get excited to see the floats go by, even Cohen just sat in Aunt Renee's lap and watched till the end.
The boys were exhausted after watching the parade and playing at the park and fell asleep on our 12 block walk back to the car. It doesn't look very comfortable, but they sure looked cute!

Later that night we had tickets for the Bees game with a some friends. We went for maybe an hour but Cohen's fever came back and he just wasn't feeling good so we had to leave before we saw the fireworks.

Cam won a box of fire works from his work so we decided to do those last night. Cohen actually watched most of them until we got the Pop Its out and then that's all he wanted to do. He did hold his own Sparkler for a little bit though.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raging Waters with the cousins

Ayden, Cohen, Landon, and Jackson

Cowabunga Bay

Last weekend we took Cohen to Cowabunga Bay. We have wanted to go there since it opened but we have had to wait until Cam's collarbone healed. It is such a cute place, I wasn't sure how Cohen would like it since he doesn't really like
to get splashed unless he does it himself. He relaxed in the lazy river and loved it when we took him down the water slides! Fun fun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

American Idol Concert

Cam's mom got me, Chanelle and Renee tickets to go see American Idol. I wasn't planning on going but Chanelle really wanted us to so I decided it would be a fun girls night out. Once we got there we got to meet Megan Joys family, and I'll be honest that made me a little more excited about the concert, and we had great seats. 4th row!!! The concert was awesome and everyone did a great job.

Meeting the Idols!!



After the the concert we had backstage passes to meet Megan Joy!! Camerons mom is a friend of her family and was able to get them for us. We were pretty excited, Chanelle loves her and brought her roses. We were only suppose to meet Megan and all the other Idols were in another meet and greet, but after Megan had talked to everyone she went to get a couple of the others for us to meet. So in walks Allison and Lil....then Anoop, Michael and Matt....then Kris Danny and Adam!!! I was definitely not expecting to meet them all! Except Scott, he doesn't do meet and greets probably kinda hard to do when your blind. It was a great ending to a great concert!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Zoo Day

Last Monday I had off of work so Cam and I decided to take Cohen to the Zoo. Cohen loves the Zoo and its always fun to watch him get so excited to see the animals. This time the bears were out wrestling with each other, which was pretty entertaining!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Friday I took Cohen swimming with my friend Kourtnee and Cayden. We decided to go to the South Jordan Rec Center because there was a chance of rain... It didn't rain, but it actually turned out better because Cohen loved the younger kids area, and the indoor lazy river, and whirl pool!! But I would have to say his favorite thing is to jump off the stairs for you to catch him.

Saturday we headed to Sugarhouse Park, we have gone there every year for the fireworks since Cam and I dated. This year we had some of our good friends with us, Kourtnee and her boyfriend TJ and his son Cayden, Ryan, and Ashley and her boyfriend Jeremy. It was fun, we basically just hung out and people watched (there are definitely some interesting people that show up), played Frisbee, and of course Cohen had a ball to play with. Cohen loved trying to run full speed past dad down the hill, it was pretty steep and sometimes he would lose control and face plant into the grass, but he would just jump back up and try and do it again. After the fireworks we walked back to our car (which was by Jeremys house) and put all our stuff away, and then went to Jeremys for Apple Pie and Ice Cream while we waited for the traffic to get better. It was a great 4th with my little family and our friends!