Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Friday I took Cohen swimming with my friend Kourtnee and Cayden. We decided to go to the South Jordan Rec Center because there was a chance of rain... It didn't rain, but it actually turned out better because Cohen loved the younger kids area, and the indoor lazy river, and whirl pool!! But I would have to say his favorite thing is to jump off the stairs for you to catch him.

Saturday we headed to Sugarhouse Park, we have gone there every year for the fireworks since Cam and I dated. This year we had some of our good friends with us, Kourtnee and her boyfriend TJ and his son Cayden, Ryan, and Ashley and her boyfriend Jeremy. It was fun, we basically just hung out and people watched (there are definitely some interesting people that show up), played Frisbee, and of course Cohen had a ball to play with. Cohen loved trying to run full speed past dad down the hill, it was pretty steep and sometimes he would lose control and face plant into the grass, but he would just jump back up and try and do it again. After the fireworks we walked back to our car (which was by Jeremys house) and put all our stuff away, and then went to Jeremys for Apple Pie and Ice Cream while we waited for the traffic to get better. It was a great 4th with my little family and our friends!


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun. The pics are sure adorable!

  2. Next year we will be there. The past two years we have gone to the boys. Miss you! We need to have a play date soon............if I ever get to close on our house. UGH! :)

  3. So glad we got back to our tradition this year. The 4th of July is OUR holiday! I just posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook. Go look at them. Loveyour face!