Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day

This year for the 24th there was a lot going on! Unfortunately Cohen came down with a fever the day before and just wasn't acting himself. I decided to try and take him to the parade just to get out of the house for a little while. We met up with Beth and Riley and headed down to the parade. Once we got there and saw how crowded it was we decided to just take the first parking spot we found...after walking about 12 blocks with 2 toddlers, a wagon, diaper bag, cooler and 2 camping chairs we met up with our other sis-in-laws Renee and Natalie. It was nice to watch the kids get excited to see the floats go by, even Cohen just sat in Aunt Renee's lap and watched till the end.
The boys were exhausted after watching the parade and playing at the park and fell asleep on our 12 block walk back to the car. It doesn't look very comfortable, but they sure looked cute!

Later that night we had tickets for the Bees game with a some friends. We went for maybe an hour but Cohen's fever came back and he just wasn't feeling good so we had to leave before we saw the fireworks.

Cam won a box of fire works from his work so we decided to do those last night. Cohen actually watched most of them until we got the Pop Its out and then that's all he wanted to do. He did hold his own Sparkler for a little bit though.

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  1. We had fun at the parade :) I knew Cohen didn't feel well because I actually got to hold him for a while :) Looks like you had a fun filled 24th!!