Sunday, November 1, 2009


Cam & Ginger in there full body PJ's

Cohen borrowing daddy's glasses
Our cute little family
Wizard of Oz
Robin family
Molloy family
Look at the big smile on his face!!
Cam, Ryan, & Greg
This year we spent Halloween at the Molloy's, since we had so much fun their last year. Before we head out trick-or-treating, they do chili and baked potato's, along with a few different salads, YUM! Unfortunately Cohen started showing flu like symptoms just before getting there, but he kept saying trick-or-treat so we decided to see how it went. He didn't eat anything which was no surprise considering he hadn't all day, but as soon as we put his costume on him and went outside he was ready to go! And I'm not kidding he lead the way from house to house. It was fun to watch Cohen and Riley trick-or treat together, and get excited to pick there own candy and put in there bag. They loved it!


  1. Checking your blog really cheered me up after such a looong day at the hospital. You guys look way too young to have a toddler! Ha ha -love it!!!

  2. I'm sorry you guys had to spend the day at the hospital. I hope Donovan starts doing better! We love you guys!!!

  3. Weren't your feet freezing? I love Cam's sippy cup by the way, you are all such cute babies!!