Friday, August 28, 2009

Saying goodbye is never easy...

Hmmm where do I even start....well for the last 3 years I have been a nanny for 2 adorable kids, Haylee and Evan. I can't believe that Evan was only 3 months and is now 3! Wow time flies. I have done so much with them over the past 3 years weekends, holidays, weddings, water parks, swimming, the Circus...I could go on and on. Over that time me and ALL my family have grown to LOVE them as my own. So seeing my time come to end has not only been very hard on me but also to my family and friends. Evan will now start preschool/daycare, and Haylee will soon start 1st grade at Carden Memorial, so they no longer need me and couldn't really afford to keep me. As a goodbye gift I made both Haylee and Evan rag quilts, it was my first time making quilts but I'm pretty proud of how they turned out!

Evans Cars quilt

Haylee's Spongebob quilt

giving their mom (Cristy) her thank you card
Evan with his quilt

I think Haylee liked it....

me and my sweet Haylee

making Evan laugh
Evan is a little cheesier
Haylee saying goodbye to Cohen...this broke my heart. He is sure going to miss his "brother" and "sister" not being around to play with everyday. But on the up side I will now be able to stay home with Cohen and have one on one time with him. We would love to have play dates with everyone so please call!!


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  2. Wow, I'm really gonna miss Haylee and Evan. Those pictures made me cry:( They are awesome kids and they have you to thank for that. The quilts turned out amazing!!! And by the pics I can tell they will love them for forever. Cohen will miss them terribly but he will love having his mommy all to himself.
    I love you Haylee and Evan!
    Love Chanelle XoXo

  3. Things always work out. I am going to miss those kids too! Are you loving being home now though? The blankets are so cute, when does Donovan get his:)? When can we get our play date scheduled?

  4. You are really talented at sewing! And Very Photogenic too!