Friday, September 16, 2011

All about Scheyd!

Scheyd turned 1 on August 17, I cant believe our little stinker is getting so big! Here are a few fun things about Scheyd:

Scheyd smiles and laughs all day..seriously, most days all it takes is eye contact and a smile to make him happy. He has a contagious little giggle that we all love to hear. It is so rewarding to have a happy baby.

Scheyd loves to play with all of Cohen's cars. He even makes the "vroom vroom" sound as he drives them all over. He also is taking after his brother and says "ball" all day long, and will get filled with happiness every time he sees one.

Since day 1, Scheyd has slept at night. Of course he would wake up to eat once a night, but he has only been fussy ONCE in the middle of the night. And that was only for 30 minutes when we went camping! (please dont throw anything at me out of anger or jealousy.)

At 11 months he took his first steps and has never slowed down!

Scheyd is now saying a hand full of words and learning new ones everyday. Some of the things he says are: ball, Dada, light, all done, right there, and woof woof. One day I was trying to teach him to say "mama" and he said "Dada" and of course Cam started laughing, now he says Dada every time time to be not funny. He might say "Dada" but he always comes running to me :)

He absolutely loves airplanes! If hears one he points to the sky and says "right there".

Birthday boy with his birthday hat

no more pictures please!

Our sad attempt at a family picture
These two boys sure love each other

Christopher, Chanelle, Cameron, and Scheyd

Singing happy birthday. He wasn't sure why everyone suddenly started singing and looking at him, but he sure enjoyed it!

eating cake!

I love this picture of Scheyd drinking his water, he just looks so big!

opening his gifts

Taylor and Riley

Aunt Jenny, and Ginger

Ayden, Cohen, Landon, Jackson, Riley, Taylor, Scheyd, and Brenna

sweet brothers, Ayden, Landon, and Jackson


Natalie, Renee, Beth, and Ginger

Brenna, Peace out!

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