Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're expecting!!

We are expecting a baby boy due August 20th!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dying Eggs..

The night before Easter we got together with Cory, Beth, and Riley so we could let Cohen and Riley dye eggs together. Sounded like a fun/cute idea, at the time.... We stripped them both down to there diapers and set two colors on the floor at a time. Cohen went first, but since he doesn't like to get messy at all he dropped the egg in so he wouldn't touch the water. Then Riley thought that was how you were suppose to do it so he went and threw his in and dye splashed all over, which he thought was pretty fun and wiped it all over himself! It was pretty funny to watch until we realized that the pink looked like it was staining the floor then we cleaned up pretty fast!
Cohen holding his egg, he's pretty proud of it!

Morgan family eggs :)
Cohen dropping his egg in
Riley splashing the pink all over!
Am I in trouble??
washing all the dye off!
Even though it was messy, and I'm pretty sure that every egg the boys dyed cracked, it was really fun to watch, and the boys had a great time doing it!

Thanksgiving Point Easter Egg Hunt

We had signed Cohen up to do the egg hunt at Thanksgiving Point a few weeks in advance, but as it got closer we realized the weather wasn't suppose to be very good. Luckily the morning of there was no snow, so we bundled up and decided to go. Cohen got so excited when he saw all the eggs laying out in the field, it was hard to hold him back until they said go! Despite the cold we had a great time, both Cohen and Riley ended up with a basket of eggs and were even more excited about them when they discovered the treats inside!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Going to see the Easter Bunny

We decided to take Cohen to see the Easter Bunny on Friday since Cam had the day off. I new if it was anything like seeing Santa there would be a good chance I wouldn't get a pic of him smiling, so I made sure to get one before we left!

Mommy was right...definitely not going to smile, but hey at least he's not crying like he did with Santa. Although I must say, I do think the Easter Bunny is a bit creepy myself.

Happy St. Patty's Day

To celebrate St.Patty's Day, Beth and I took our boys on a picnic at the South Jordan Park. This park is adorable! If you haven't been there I recommend it.
Cute little stinkers, Cohen & Riley
Lovin it

Now we just need the weather to warm up again so we can go back!

What could be better!

Lately Cohen askes to get his picture taken and he wants to cuddle mommy, or daddy! What could be better?!

Disney On Ice

Last month Cameron surprised Cohen and I and took us to see Disney On Ice. It was so much fun to watch his reaction to Mickey and Minnie, when they first came out! He calls Mickey "Mickey Mouse Club House" he thinks that's his name :) Cohen enjoying his pizza while waiting for the show to begin
His favorite was by far "Cars", that's his new obsession lately, he LoVeS Cars!! Lightening, Mater, and Mac are by far his favorite.

Cohen & Daddy