Sunday, April 4, 2010

Going to see the Easter Bunny

We decided to take Cohen to see the Easter Bunny on Friday since Cam had the day off. I new if it was anything like seeing Santa there would be a good chance I wouldn't get a pic of him smiling, so I made sure to get one before we left!

Mommy was right...definitely not going to smile, but hey at least he's not crying like he did with Santa. Although I must say, I do think the Easter Bunny is a bit creepy myself.

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  1. Dale and I decided that Santa was enough and that we weren't going to do the Easter Bunny thing. So when Joy was talking to my dad today, she told him that next year she was going to sneak out of bed and put out a basket so that the bunny could fill it with candy. She also told my dad to put out a basket so it could be filled with candy and then he could give it to her. Hilarious!