Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cohen's first POOP story

Ginger usually does the whole blog thing for our family, but this was pretty good. So yesterday Cohen was taking a nap (or so I thought). He wasn't falling asleep like he normally does at nap time. I waited about ten minutes before I went to check on him. I opened the door to his room to Cohen standing up at the end of his crib naked with a stream of pee hitting the carpet. I looked on the floor to see his diaper thrown out of the crib and two little poops sitting on the floor. Guess he didn't want the poop on his butt or in his crib...


  1. Please tell me you got it on video! Haha, smart boy!

  2. LOL, you can expect more of that :) Gotta LOVE boys, they are soooo smart!!