Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our little Monkey

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ginger's sister Jenny, Cohen, and cousin Ethan
We took Cohen Trunk-or-treating for the second time last night at Gingers aunt and uncles ward. It was so fun Jenny dressed up like a witch and Ethan was a nerd. Cohen was so excited to go, he is really starting to understand what to do, he says trick-or-treat, please, and thank you!! Now he asks to go every day and will bring me his bag and say "trick-or-treat bag please". We can't wait to take him on Halloween, hope the weather cooperates.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

hmm what's in there mom... I don't think I want to touch it...
I will use a spatula though
YaY! We did it
Carving pumpkins was interesting this year. Cohen wanted to be involved but did not like the feel of the "pumpkin guts", He kept saying eww guts. Ha Ha. He ended up getting a spatula out and trying to help with that, he is very resourceful. It was fun and I think they turned out great! Cohen LOVES his pumpkins and has to show them to anyone that comes over. Oh and we have to check on them at least once a day. It's so cute he will come grab my hand and say "pumpins" and want to go see them.

Monday, October 26, 2009

LiTtLe FiSh

swimming buddies
how precious
Our happy little fish
Where did summer go?? I feel like it came and went so fast. Last week I thought it would be fun to take Cohen swimming since it had been a while since he had been. Beth and Riley were able to go with us so it was that much more fun! We went early before they turn on all the splash things so Cohen and Riley really enjoyed it, they could walk around everywhere and not have to worry about getting splashed (they aren't big fans of that yet). It was a great time, and will probably go back soon!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

Our family

driving the Train
Cohen loved going down the slides

but he especially loved to jump!
This morning we went to Thanksgiving Point to the Cornbelly Maze. There were so many little activities for kids and Cohen loved it. His favorite things were the big slides, and the big jump mats, he had a blast running around and jumping! We also took him on a hay ride....but he was not a fan of that, it was SO bumpy, he wanted to stand by himself but kept falling into the edge. We were definitely happy when the ride was over.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corn Maze

Checking out the pumpkins
inside the haunted corn maze
Cohen and Riley looking at the scary decorations

Last night we decided to go check out the new pumpkin patch by our house, we met Cory, Beth, and Riley there. The boys loved running around and climbing on all the pumpkins! They also have a small haunted corn maze that we did with the kids. Cohen didn't mind the scary decorations, he just watched as they moved or light up. Riley was a bit more timid about them, but they both enjoyed it. It was fun to spend the day with the family doing fall activities!

Petting Zoo

Cohen LOVED the Goats
checking out the baby Pigs
Okay I guess I'll pet the Sheep :)
Cohen & Riley riding the ponies
On Saturday we went to the Petting Zoo at Gardner Village. First we let the boys (Cohen, and Riley) ride the ponies , they are Cohen's favorite and he started freaking out as soon as he saw them. After that we did the petting zoo, it was a first for everyone. Cohen was absolutely fearless, he ran right in and started petting a goat. I love that he likes animals so much, he could have stayed in there for hours! Unfortunately Cam and Cory weren't big fans of standing in there so it was a short visit. We had a great time, and want to go back soon! Anyone that wants to go give me a call, Cohen would LOVE it.


Last week Ginger watched her friend Brittany's 2 1/2 year old son Bridger. Cohen LOVED having a friend to follow around, and they played so cute together. Cohen had to do everything he did. Notice they both are playing with the same toys in the pictures :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Park City

Cohen liked driving the car...but his little fingers were so cold it made it hard

having fun in the swing
Ethan showing Cohen how to use the shovel to dig

Saturday we went up to Park City to visit Gingers Aunt Debbie, sister Jenny and cousin Ethan. They were staying for the week in there timeshare. We walked over to the park to let Cohen play, he had a blast although it was a little colder then expected and we weren't dressed properly. We also went and had dinner with everyone, the food wasn't that good but it was nice to warm up and spend time with everyone. Unfortunately Cohen caught a cold from our visit and has passed it on to mom and dad...

Friday, October 2, 2009

jazz season has begun!

Cohen and his daddy he was loving it
I guess my camera was on a weird setting so pictures turned out fuzzy...
Last night was the first preseason Jazz game, we decided to take Cohen and see how he did. Last season he didn't want anything to do with sitting there, he was more interested in running around out in the hallway. So we decided to try a preseason game first to see if he would be interested. He surprisingly did very well. We only stayed until half time but he sat and watched the whole first half. He even learned to say "Go Jazz"!