Friday, May 20, 2011


This year Ginger's Aunt Debbie invited the boys to spend the day with her and celebrate an early Easter. We started off the day going to an Easter egg hunt. It was great, there were only a handful of kids and tons of eggs that were actually hidden, and not just tossed in a field.


Then we dyed Easter eggs and had a barbecue.
The Easter bunny hides eggs all over the house for the boys to find every Easter. This year Scheyd was the first one to find an egg and he was so excited about it!

Scheyd digging into his Easter basket

Cohen got a slap watch in his, and he loves it. Can you tell?!

That evening went to Grammys to have dinner and color more eggs. Scheyd discovered how to climb the stairs while we were there. He's growing up so fast.

While we were getting everything ready to color eggs, Cameron found Cohen in the front room eating Grampys big chocolate bunny. Silly boy, good thing he didn't get it on that white rug!

Cam showing us his decorating skills

Cohen is so independent, he had to do everything by himself.

We had a great Easter this year, despite Ginger and the boys having colds.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A quick visit to Fresno

Cameron's sister Michelle and their little family welcomed there sweet baby boy Dempsey Michael Morgan into this world on April 11. Ginger and the boys were invited to ride to Fresno with Cam's mom and youngest sister Chanelle. It was so last minute, Ginger had to find someone to cover two of her shifts at work, and pack for the three of them in about 4 hours. Talk about stressful, but it all worked out, and Cohen was so excited to see his cousin Dono!

Dempsey Michael Olson

He is such a cutie! Holding him made me realize just how big my little Scheyd is already.
The Olson Family

Greg, Michelle, Donovan, and Dempsey

The boys sure loved playing together, they got along so good.

Cohen and Donovan played "tackle soccer" in there backyard. This was hilarious to watch, if one of them had the ball the other one would full on tackle him to the ground. Over and over, I kept waiting for one of them to start crying but they never did.

We were also able to go to the zoo and enjoy their nice weather. I just love this picture, Greg set Cohen on Dono's lap and Dono instantly put his arms around him like a seat belt, they were perfectly content with riding like that to until I had Cohen get in his own seat.

Cohen's favorite animal is a Zebra!

Cohen and Aunt Chanelle

My happy little Scheyd

We only stayed 3 nights, but it was so fun to go and visit them and see there sweet baby. I was a little worried about the boys being good on the ride home but they did awesome. Both of them slept for most of the ride.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Staying busy

We can't wait for warmer weather to come! To try and pass the time we try to keep busy doing some fun things outside the house.

Cohen loves to go to the "trampoline place" also known as Airborne so we decided to go, and invited Grammy and aunt Chanelle to come spend the day with us.

He is getting so big
They surprised and brought Brenna and Taylor to come play!

Scheyd loves jumping with daddy

Brenna, Cameron, and Taylor

Grammy playing with Scheyd

Check out his super long tongue

We also love to go play at Kangaroo Zoo.

He is so much fun, always smiling and happy.

Cohen's 3rd Birthday!

Since we just got back from Disneyland for Cohen's birthday we just had a small play date with some of his friends to celebrate.

He loved his Cars cake! Decorating cookies and coloring
sweet little Drew

Bridger enjoying his cookie he decorated

Gaven coloring his picture

Cohen's cute cousin Landon


Cohen and Skylar

Riley wanted to be wrapped up like a present.

Our Family Vacation

In February we decided it was time we took a family vacation. This first night we stayed in Las Vegas, where we rode the Gondolas at the Venetian, and then walked over to watch the fountains at the Bellagio (which Cohen and Scheyd loved). The next morning we left for.......Disneyland!

Who doesn't love Goofy?! Cohen was a little shy at first, but then warmed right up.

Cohen about to ride Roger Rabbit with dad. It was his first ride and turned out to be one of his favorites!

Beth and Ginger in Tomorrowland

Our happy little guy. Even though he was stuck in a car seat, stroller, or in someones arms and never really got the chance to just get down and play he was always so smiley and happy!

We were at Disneyland for 6 days, and every one of them we had to go visit Lightening McQueen. This was Cohen's first time seeing him and he was so excited he didn't know what to do so he just stood there and pointed at them. So funny! Later he asked me "how come they aren't movin mom? are they being shy?"

Waiting in's never easy but we were lucky to have mostly 10-15 minute waits.

Cohen and Riley waiting to see Donald Duck.

Since it was also Cohen's 3rd birthday we went to Ride Makerz and let him pick out and build his very own car! He absolutely loved it, this boy is all about cars!

Here he is putting the tires on all by himself.

Too cute, I love that they can barely hold the boxes "garages" up, but both insisted on carrying them.

One day we decided to take a break from Disneyland to go swimming.

On our last day, which was also Cohen's 3rd birthday Ginger's good friend Lindsey met us there with her son Landon to spend the day! She lives in Palm Springs and doesn't get to come visit much so this was a nice surprise.

Birthday Boy!!

Cohen got a special phone call from Goofy on his birthday. He got to talk to him and then listen while he sang him happy birthday.

To celebrate we had breakfast with Mickey and friends. It was fun to have all the characters walk around and say while we ate. Cohen got a birthday balloon and badge with his name that made it even more special.

pucker up

Cohen had to go show Lightening his new birthday hat and badge before we could leave.

It was so nice to get away and just relax and have fun with our little family. The long drive wasn't to bad either, both boys were troopers!