Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas morning

Cohen didn't wake us up until about nine thirty!! After eating breakfast we headed downstairs to open presents. Cohen obviously didn't really understand what was going on, but had fun playing with all the bows and wrapping paper. He now has to many to toys to count and mom doesn't know what to do with them all. Also with all the attention he has been getting from everyone he finally decided to start walking... though we are not sure if we should be excited about this or not. He is now even faster to keep up with!

Christmas at Grammys

We spent Christmas evening with Camerons family in Woodlynn Hills. We had dinner and then did our gift exchange. Everyone got great gifts, with only one exception...but we tried to remember the true meaning of Christmas and had a great time.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleigh ride and dinner

This year we went up to Park City and did the Christmas Sleigh ride and dinner with some of Camerons family. We had a great time and are thinking of maybe doing it every year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

For Christmas Cameron and I decided to go on vacation to Mexico, and yes we took our 10 month old son Cohen! We met Camerons sister Michelle, her husband Greg, and their 2 month old son Donovan in Dallas and flew together to Mexico. We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to be able to spend time with their family before they returned to San Diego.

Hanging out at the pool

Shopping on 5th Ave

I think the monkeys were Cohens favorite part of our vacation.

Chichen Itza

We spent one day at Chichen Itza looking at all the ruins. It was really neat to see, but were a little disappointed that they don't let you climb the stairs anymore.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beach days

Who dosen't love the beach...Ginger would have been perfectly happy staying there all week long! Cohen wasn't a big fan of the sand but slowly got use to it if someone played in it with him.


On our last day we were able to go para sailing. The view was amazing, I'm glad we had the opportunity to go. Thanks Greg and Michelle for watching Cohen.

Senor Frogs

On our last night we went to Senor Frogs for dinner. The servers there were great and went out of their way to make sure that we had a good time. We all got balloon hats and they even made Cohen a duck and Donovan a bear. It was so much fun, and the perfect way to end our vacation.

Time to go home

As Cam and I were checking the room to make sure that we didn't leave anything behind, Cohen decided to climb in the suitcase and play.

Getting ready for Christmas

Since this is Cohens first Christmas we decided to get some Christmas pictures taken. Little did we know that the day we took him in to get done his first tooth was growing in...lets just say he wasn't in the best mood :) Thankfully the photagrapher was very patient and made sure we got some good pictures!!